Moving furniture can be fast and easy if you have only a few chairs and a table. And it can become a real nightmare if you have a lot of wardrobes, beds, sofas and other heavy items. Trying to relocate furniture yourself may be harmful for your health if you didn’t have any specific training for lifting big and heavy objects before. We recommend getting help from professional packers and movers in Costa Mesa to make your relocation a positive experience.

A reliable furniture moving company

All companies should have a license for providing moving services in Costa Mesa. We have such a license and we’re eligible to move your furniture not only in Costa Mesa but within the territory of California. We provide insurance for every item that is relocated. We value your time, so we make it fast. We value your money, so you get a fixed hourly rate.

Our team consist of well-trained packers and movers. We know how to pack any furniture item to avoid damages or scratches during the move. We have the tools for disassembling and further assembling furniture blocks that cannot be moved as one item. And one pleasant thing for you here is that you don’t have to pay for the materials used for packing.

Furniture moving services for a stress-free relocation

What makes our services the best on the market? We calculate the price and pick up the rate before we start packing. We provide you with a fixed hourly rate that will respond to the number of people involved in packing and moving. One more thing that influences the cost is how many trucks you will need. It’s good to measure big objects and make up a list of items to be transferred.

What’s more, we know how to turn boring things into positive and fun. It means that our workers get to work in a positive mood. They can give you a few tips on how to get used to a new place of living as soon as possible. You can supervise the process or let us do our job and show you the final result at the end.

How many people and trucks will you need? If you live alone in a one-bedroom house, you will probably need one or two movers and one truck. If you have a big family and you live in a four-bedroom house, you will probably need three or four movers and two trucks. Everything depends on the size and weight of the furniture items that need to be relocated.

Get help moving heavy furniture

Changing the place of residence can be so exciting if you delegate all boring and exhausting steps to our company near me. We offer you moving quotes for a good price. If you come back to us for the next relocation, you will get a nice discount. You can order a full pack of services from packing and disassembling or only moving things from one place to another.